Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR in general terms is defined as the obligation of the firm to use its resources in ways to benefit society, through committed participation as a member of the community, considering the society at large. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the years has become an integral part of the companies worldwide. Scope of CSR has been revolving over the years, and now it has been defined as the activities those helps the society in and around of the company. Alongside the contributions to the society, CSR would benefit the company. A focus on CSR in Bangladesh useful for improving internal dimensions like corporate governance, labor rights, work place safety, fair treatment of workers, community development and environment management. The key idea behind CSR and corporate citizenship is that responsible behavior makes good business sense worldwide. Actually, CSR is an important issue Globally. In Bangladesh the private sector seems to focus on earning profits in the short term, ignoring the issue of responsible behavior and the desirability of earning the trust of consumers which are important for the long-run success of their operations. In Bangladesh officially initiated CSR interventions since 2008 issuing a circular to Banks & Financial Institutions. CSR in Bangladesh contribute a lot to community development. The corporate house nationally & globally develops the community as external dimension by creating employment, providing primary education, Public & Social Health support providing, contribution to infrastructure development and addressing environmental concerns. This is more relevant to a country like Bangladesh where the government interventions in these fields by corporate alliance can go a long way in developing the economy, society and environment. Accordingly, SPL has become committed to implement social development activities with its CSR funds which ultimately proved that SPL strongly believe on the issue of responsible behavior as one of the Bangladeshi Business Companies for the welfare of the society and community. Basically, Saif Global Health Foundation -SGHF is running int’s activities with the financial support under Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of Saif Powertec Limited since 2014.

SGHF focused in the working areas under CSR of SPL like Education Support, Health Assistance, Sports Development, Environment, Humanitarian aid, Emergency care & Support, Youth Development, Climate change, Child Care & Supports and Disaster management etc.